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Transforming Brands
Into Experiences

Neel Ashtikar


Sign up for brand activations that express to impress. These engaging events help you interact and engage directly with your target audience while creating experiences that will stay with them rent-free. With every activation, you fuel brand awareness, foster unwavering loyalty, and propel your growth to new heights.

Picture this: You are a new brand that wants to reach your audience. Would an interactive installation be the right choice for you? Or will a social media campaign help you better?

Imagine scenario 2: You are an old brand and want to boost your recall value. Would you launch TV ads? Or would you create an experience for your audience that will leave them mesmerized?

From interactive installations that beckon exploration to immersive pop-up events that ignite curiosity to including every touchpoint that captivates and mesmerizes- brand activations are this and so much more. They offer a glimpse into your brand's essence and create an emotional bond that resonates long after the activation ends.

EMPL strives to make this possible for you with experience, hard work, and our secret ingredient that fuels customer engagement like never before. Through participation and shared experiences, we turn passive observers into active brand advocates. As they become an integral part of your story, they eagerly spread the word, generating organic buzz and expanding your reach to new horizons.

But it doesn't end there. These activations are a catalyst for tangible business growth. By creating memorable encounters and building brand loyalty, you transform customers into long-term relationships. Their loyalty drives repeat purchases, referrals, and brand advocacy, establishing a solid foundation for sustainable success.

So, get ready to activate your brand's full potential with EMPL. The world is our stage, and we plan to utilize its full potential!

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OKINAWA OKHI-90 Launch Event
EMPL - Showreel
EMPL - Digital Marketing
EMPL - Virtual Events Showcase
EMPL Weddings | Showreel
Glenmark - Product Launch

What Our Clients Say

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Our leadership team collectively met under the same roof after a prolonged gap due to COVID. We expected the event to be a blockbuster, and EMPL delivered just that. Kudos to the entire team!

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A massive thank you to the EMPL team for hosting an expertly organized event for our senior folks... highly commendable job from the team, understanding everyone's needs and actioned & attending at a quick pace

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What a splendid show put up for our product launch! Inarguably - a true masterclass for how an electric two-wheeler should be revealed, befitting our #1 position in the segment.

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